Traumatic experiences both past and present can cause depression, anxiety, anger, and PTSD. These feelings are most notable when one’s general mood has changed following divorce, violence, or a significant loss. Sleeping and eating habits change. Moods become more erratic such as social withdrawal or outbursts of anger. It seems as if all the happiness that was once present has seeped through the holes left by the trauma.

Trauma (PTSD) causes you to lose the one thing that brings meaning to life—Hope!

Imagine that you believed a pebble in your shoe could not be removed. The pain and discomfort (shame, fear) is there. Your gate reflects that something is wrong. You adjust the way you walk in an attempt to cope with the discomfort caused by the pebble. Over time, you accept the discomfort through deformity of your body and cannot stand erect.

The pebble can be removed! You can be free of the crippling emotions that bind you.

Pia Mellody’s “Facing Codependence” states that abuse is anything less than nurturing.

When we suffer from childhood trauma, nurturing is not a part of our life experience. We become accustomed to criticism, neglect, and poor or unrealistic limits. Self-worth is held hostage by serving the demands of others, hoping that in doing so we can forget our past. But the past haunts us in our dreams and memories, relentless in its chase. To cope, we develop habits that promote self destruction. These habits become addictions or distractions, helping us avoid feeling reality.

Often, events or situations in our current relationships trigger negative feelings from the past that flood in by means of flashbacks, overpowering us, wreaking havoc and triggering PTSD. These emotions spill out, resulting in harm to ourselves and others. This pushes people away in an attempt to remove what we perceive as the source of the conflict, only to bring about abandonment and loneliness.

At the Counseling Center of Plano, we help you put your traumatic past where it needs to be—in the past. The Counseling Center of Plano, is a warm, gentle, encouraging, environment where you will be able to face the demos of your past. You will discover your childhood innocence and rescue yourself. You will discover a process that will heal you and help to create health in your future and restore hope to the present.