Family therapy is done in conjunction with adolescent and child therapy. The intention is to help the family develop the skills needed for a functional system. By meeting with the whole family, the therapist views the dynamic interactions of each member as they talk about the problem. Intervention can then be approached as all members work unified on the solution.

When working with an adolescent, the therapist considers developmental changes common in this period of life. These changes affect every aspect of the adolescent’s life; some changes are rapid and make for a roller coaster ride. Specifically, puberty causes erratic moods and risk taking. Several factors compete such as:

*construction of an independent identity,
*an attempting to “fit in” with peers,
*all the while not alienating the much needed family.

An adolescent is a young adult emerging into a world in which they must provide for themselves. To do this, they need to create their own values and ultimately free themselves from parental values. At the Counseling Center of Plano, our treatment focus is designed to help the adolescent find healthy coping skills which promote these values while still functioning as part of the family.

As children experience conflict, they have feelings. Sometimes these feelings become entangled, coming out in destructive ways. While playing with different mediums such as clay, paints, games, or even toys, children express their feelings. Therapy helps them identify, label, and untangle their feelings. From a new perspective, they can find more adaptive ways of self-expression.

At the Counseling Center of Plano, we use the medium of both family and individual therapy to help your adolescent or child develop the skills needed to become a healthy functioning member of the family.