At the Counseling Center of Plano, we take the perspective that you are not working on your relationship, but instead your relationship is working on you. Perhaps there is no better institution than an emotionally committed relationship to help the best in us thrive.

Love is complete in relationships when both individuals have good self-esteem. Healthy, relational esteem is the ability to maintain a clear sense of Who You Are, while remaining close to someone who is important to you. To achieve this requires relationship boundaries. At the Counseling Center of Plano, we teach the skills necessary to be relational, and in turn, create an environment in which love can abound.

In a dysfunctional marriage or relationship, poor communication is not the only issue; it is not that simple. The inability to speak from a centered position of self-worth represses emotional truth and obscures boundaries. The relationship is clouded and emotionally harmful. Often this is brought about by the dance of love addiction and love avoidance.

Ask yourself this question: Do I speak to manipulate, or do I speak to be known?

Speaking to manipulate or to change someone for self-benefit alienates them and ultimately brings about more conflict. This results in needing to apologize for over-bearing behavior. From a position of guilt, you concede to your partner’s demands. All the while you resent the fact of not being heard, and consequently, your needs are not met.

Speaking to be known requires boundaries which differentiate your needs from your partner's needs. With healthy boundaries you do not speak from a place of criticism or right vs. wrong. You speak clearly who and what you are. This helps create the space where needs can be met.

An emotionally committed marriage or relationship is the single, most effective institution to bring forward the best in us. At the Counseling Center of Plano, come and discover the best in you, and create the love you want.