Is your anger driving the people you love away or getting in the way of your work performance?

Like drug and alcohol abuse, chronic anger is a symptom of deep emotional distress. Anger creates the illusion of control and invulnerability; when in truth, all it does is alienate people. Anger ultimately brings about our most profound fear—loneliness. Thinking we are safely isolated from the person we are angry with, we never fix the problems.

When we do not have any safe, healthy way to express anger, over time it builds, resulting in yelling, hostility, or physical violence. When anger is bottled up, it can lead to addictions and depression.

There are ways to resolve conflict without raging anger. At the Counseling Center of Plano, we can teach you to resolve conflict by learning healthier ways to communicate. We offer anger resolution in a training group for adults whose anger outbursts have interfered with their relationships at home and work.

Remember. No one has ever rid themselves of anger by losing it.

Group participants gain an awareness of anger signals and learn communication skills that enable them to negotiate/resolve employment and personal relationship issues. Participants will learn self expression without resorting to out-of-control anger or violence.

Enrollment is available to either the individual or to couples. Maximum benefit occurs when both partners in a relationship participate at the same time. Both partners may enroll at a discounted rate with concurrent attendance.

The group has open enrollment; therefore, one may join at any time during the six week cycle of sessions. At the completion of the training, the individual will receive a certification of completion.